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Mr. Darcy comes to the 21st century!

     It's a truth, universally acknowledged that every story is a love story in the end. Follow the heroines Issy, Katie, Melinda, Geneva, Lauren, Mel, Cary and Corin Bingley as they embark on their individual journeys, experiencing the perks of adventure, historical intrigue and from high school romance to adulthood, they find the path to true love.

I read this novel in two days because it was so easy to read and the different "fad groups" of high school students were described in such a comical way. After reading "Girl Rocks Universe", I thought of students I've had in the past who are passionate, into romance and travel off the beaten path to give the book to. The reader develops a full understanding of each characters' personality and interaction with others; which makes this novel perfect for young readers. C.M. Mitchell provided for those high school or middle-school aged children who don't necessarily know what "hanging out with your friends", "being a good friend" and "having a boyfriend" should look like at their age-level, a positive image and guide to model themselves after through her writing.


                                 - Heidi Love

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